social media optimization (smo)

Social media optimization has become as important as SEO. We ensure that your social media account profiles and all the things you share in social media contain important keywords and the right information to drive traffic from sources other than search engines. We also maintain alignment between keywords in SMO and SEO.

Social Media Audit

We look at your entire presence on the Web, from your website to how visible and active your are in social media. We find you and see you as others do and determine the level of integration between your search engine marketing and social media marketing. Then we make recommendations based on what we find. Here are some of the things we look at:

  • Sources of traffic, or visitors, to your site
  • Size of your networks (followers, fans, contacts, etc.)
  • Quantity and sentiment of what's being said about your brand, product or service
  • Engagement duration of traffic driven from social media sources
  • Bounce rate of traffic driven from social media sources
  • How your engagement compares with your competition
  • Blog interactions

Keyword Research

Next we perform comprehensive keyword research. Keywords are as important for social media as they are for SEO. It's also important to align keywords for SMO and SEO. Here's what we do to find the most optimal keywords:

  • Conduct a market analysis
  • Research your organization and its products or services
  • Conduct a competitive analysis
  • Create targeted keyword groups for achieving social media objectives

Optimizing profiles and social objects

Keywords should appear in all social media account profiles as well as in the titles of items you share in social media (we call them social objects — an update on Facebook, a tweet, a blog post, a picture on Flickr, a video on YouTube). We update all profiles and make recommendations for the use of keywords in social objects.


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Social Media Marketing

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