video search is today's biggest marketing opportunity

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and right now the opportunities for video SEO and social media marketing are huge. Video gives a voice to your organization and makes your site more interactive, providing a more personable opportunity to speak, show and demonstrate.

We design a video marketing and management strategy designed to optimize your video content and position it to drive traffic and awareness through traditional search and social media.

  • Create a branded master YouTube channel for your organization
  • Create dedicated YouTube channels for specific types of videos or programming
  • Social media optimization (SMO): optimize your videos with concise and well-keyworded titles, descriptions and tags for higher social media visibility
  • Embed video code on your web pages
  • Create keyworded content on the page relevant to the video displayed there

Video sharing sites

Video sharing sites, like YouTube, Vimeo and offer no-cost solutions for hosting your videos. And they're effective. Videos posted on these sites can be imbedded on your web page, but unlike videos hosted on your site, video sharing sites offer some nifty features:

  • Quicker streaming
  • Wider audience through community search
  • A link back to your site or any of its pages
  • A counter to show number of times viewed
  • A rating system
  • Statistics and data, including sites linking to the video

Video CMS

If you're generating more than the occasional video, consider video CMS. These systems make it much easier to use and manage video on your site while still offering community functionality. Users enjoy a more customized experience, can search your video library, and even rate and discuss your videos within a community you have a hand in creating.

Video CMS also provides easier methods for optimizing your videos for search engines. They also allow you to link to actions or pages on your site, show your own related videos and advertise or promote with pre- and post-roll. If you're into building a video community, you can have users submit their own video content. You can even set up video blogging.

Many of these solutions are affordable, open source, provide manual or dynamic playlists and offer plug-ins for content management systems.


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