who is ian huckabee?

Ian Huckabee is a digital strategist and technologist focusing on innovations in learning and social strategy. He helps to develop integrated solutions that burst fiber and shake buildings.

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Ian HuckabeeIan began implementing training and marketing strategies around social media in 2006. His focus is on innovations in e-learning as well as business strategy and marketing. He is co-founder and CEO of Weejee Learning where he works on key strategic issues day-to-day.

Formerly, Ian was Vice President of Audio Operations and Marketing for Sony Music Entertainment Inc. in New York. He’s built several businesses and shares his thoughts about communications technologies and coming trends through Weejee, various blogs and online publications, and through his teaching and speaking engagements. Ian’s clients include Abbott, Nielsen, Halliburton, DaVita, AICPA, Conservation International, Catholic Relief Services, and Quintiles.

In addition, Ian is a writer and is editing the second draft of his first novel for the third time. He’s an avid tweeter and creates short bursts of fiction 140 characters at a time.

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