who is weejee media?

Weejee Media is a social media consultancy. We design and develop environments that help build community and engagement online to meet any number of business goals and objectives.

Wee are ...

We're a social media consulting team that manages each project one pot of coffee at a time. We have great partners and happy clients. We offer strategy, planning, design and development for all social media initiatives. Weejee Media was formed by Ian Huckabee, a Web strategist, technologist and writer.

Wee think ...

Social media have matured. They now encompass a wide variety of uses within an organization, from customer service to marketing to training. So managing social media programs has become more complex. Successful programs now require a specialized skillset in new media and social engagement. We provide that skill set.

We develop social media programs that enhance your audience’s journey in today’s online environments while meeting your goals and objectives.

Looking ahead

We're continuously developing new techniques using new and existing technologies to enrich user experience online and allow for better time offline. We apply this to the social media programs we manage, and we share what we discover in presentations, seminars, and boot camps.

If you have any questions about what you're trying to accomplish with social media, please contact us. We talk about this stuff all the time.


Our Partners


Please contact us. Wee love talking about this stuff.




Social Media Marketing

Our experience shows that by giving away what we know in a brief conversation or WebEx, chances are you'll see our value and contact us again sometime in the future.